IAEA advises Croatia on how to improve radiation safety after review

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of senior regulators wrapped up a 10-day mission last week in Croatia, where it evaluated the nation's regulatory framework for radiation safety in its nuclear infrastructure. During the mission, the team observed plant inspections, interviewed government officials and staff, and spoke to regulators and members of other organizations. Read More »

Energy Fuels to join Russell 3000 market index

Uranium supplier Energy Fuels, Inc., said on Monday that the company will join the Russell 3000 after the index's reconstitution, which is set to be completed on Friday. A preliminary list of additions included the company. "As a leading producer of uranium in the United States – which is the world’s largest producer of nuclear energy and the world’s largest consumer of uranium – Energy Fuels is delighted to join the Russell indexes," Energy Fuels CEO and President Stephen Antony said. Read More »

Vogtle nuclear plant's Unit 4 step closer to completion

The construction of Plant Vogtle's Unit 4, near Waynesboro, Georgia, reached a milestone after a CA04 module, a reactor vessel cavity that will house critical components to the reactor, was installed, Georgia Power said on Monday. This phase of Vogtle Electric Generating Plant's expansion follows several other projects, including concrete placement for the Unit 3 Annex Building, installation of the Unit 4 pressurizer, and completion of 12 water boxes for the Unit 3 Turbine Island. Read More »

NEA report indicates thorium's potential as nuclear energy source

A report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) on Tuesday said research into potential utilization of thorium should be considered, The NEA said current technology would not be able to process the element, and research would first need to explore development of thorium-specific technologies. That said, the NEA said using the element might improve the medium-term flexibility of nuclear energy and its long-term sustainability. Read More »