Nuclear power roars back globally since decline that began in late '90s

The future of nuclear power holds the promise of continuing to incorporate fission-fueled nuclear power -- an integral part of low-carbon electricity generation -- as well as possible breakthroughs in nuclear-fusion energy generation, providing a long-term plan for efficient energy production. » Read More

NEI: Bill would help fuel 'new generation of reactor technologies'

As Washington ponders a bill that would increase funding and research for nuclear energy, a Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) spokesman explained the potential impact of the legislation and the importance of creating a "new generation of reactor technologies." » Read More

Physicist: Chernobyl, Fukushima myths unfairly hurt nuclear power's image

While the world's most notable nuclear-plant disasters, in Chernobyl and Fukushima, were devastating, they had more to do with ineptitude in one case, and Mother Nature in the other, rather than with any hazards of nuclear power, an Oxford researcher said. » Read More

Study: Nuclear-plant building studies' focused on U.S., France skew global cost picture

Past studies on the construction costs of nuclear power reactors have been considered incomplete because analysis was only done on two countries -- the U.S. and France, a new research paper said. » Read More

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NRC plan would lower fees for most licensees, applicants in '16

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) recently proposed changes to its regulations that include reducing the annual fees for most applicants and licensees for fiscal year 2016, thanks to the commission’s decreased budget. » Read More

NEI unveils six more reactor safety, efficiency bulletins

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) recently released six efficiency bulletins that describe actions nuclear power plant operators can take to increase operational effectiveness and boost safety measures as part of its Delivering the Nuclear Promise initiative. » Read More

Andreas Norland joins Skyharbour Resources advisory board

Skyharbour Resources Ltd. recently announced that Andreas Norland, founder and managing director of International Thorium Energy Organization, has joined its advisory board. » Read More

Fourth Nuclear Industry Summit focuses on industry's direction, security issues

The fourth Nuclear Industry Summit was held recently in Washington, D.C., where hundreds of nuclear energy industry leaders convened to discuss the future of nuclear technology, cybersecurity and the securing of nuclear materials, among other topics. » Read More

NEI praises Wisconsin for lifting ban on new nuclear plants

Alex Flint, senior vice president of governmental affairs for the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) issued a statement praising Wisconsin for recently lifting its 33-year-old moratorium on building new nuclear energy plants in the state. » Read More

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