U.S. NRC: NRC Finalizes White Finding at Clinton Nuclear Power Plant

The NRC has notified Exelon of its final determination that an inspection finding related to a degraded condition on a safety-related pump at the Clinton nuclear power plant has low to moderate safety significance. » Read More

OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY: ORNL and international collaborators deliver world-leading spent nuclear fuel database

Oak Ridge National Laboratory provided significant contributions and coordination in the development of the Nuclear Energy Agency’s (NEA’s) recently released Spent Fuel Isotopic Composition (SFCOMPO) 2.0—the world’s largest open database for spent nuclear fuel assay data. » Read More

International Atomic Energy Agency: IAEA mission says france committed to safe, responsible management of radioactive waste

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts said France demonstrated a comprehensive commitment to safety with a responsible approach to the management of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. » Read More

Nuclear power roars back globally since decline that began in late '90s

The future of nuclear power holds the promise of continuing to incorporate fission-fueled nuclear power -- an integral part of low-carbon electricity generation -- as well as possible breakthroughs in nuclear-fusion energy generation, providing a long-term plan for efficient energy production. » Read More

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U.S. NRC: NRC to Conduct Open House to Discuss 2017 Performance of Oconee Nuclear Power Station

Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff will discuss the 2017 safety performance of the Oconee nuclear power plant, operated by Duke Energy during an open house on March 20 at the plant’s World of Energy, 7812 Rochester Highway, near Seneca, S.C. » Read More

U.S. NRC: NRC Issues Annual Assessments for Nation’s Nuclear Plants

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued annual letters to the nation’s 99 commercial nuclear power plants operating in 2017 regarding their operational performance throughout the year. » Read More

SOUTHERN COMPANY: Southern Power chairman, president and CEO Joseph "Buzz" Miller announces retirement, effective April 1

After 32 years of service to Southern Company, Joseph "Buzz" Miller, chairman, president and CEO of Southern Power, has announced his retirement, effective April 1. » Read More

GEORGIA POWER: Georgia Power ash pond closure efforts continue across the state in 2018

Georgia Power announced today continued progress in the company's efforts to safely and permanently close 29 ash ponds at 11 current and former coal-fired power plants across the state. » Read More

OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY: Materials—Pure, precise nanostructures

Oak Ridge National Laboratory issued the following announcement on March 1.Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers have directly written high-purity metallic structures narrower than a cold virus—which could open nanofabrication opportunities in electronics, drug delivery, catalysis and chemical separations. » Read More

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