Belarus nuclear power plant training center set to open soon

Courtesy of the Republic of Belarus
Mikhail Mikhadyuk , deputy energy minister for the Republic of Belarus, said on Thursday that a training and education center in support of the Belarus Nuclear Power Plant will be operational soon.

The process of training personnel to work with nuclear power and engineering begins at one of four universities, then the individual is usually employed by the Nuclear and Radiation Safety Department within the Belarus Emergencies Ministry or at another nuclear power plant abroad.

"We understand the responsibility. We recognize the fact that hardware is nothing without people,” Mikhadyuk said. “In the training center, Belarusian specialists will be coached by experienced nuclear energy industry professionals until the Belarusian nuclear power plant goes online. The simulators that are being installed are complete replicas of the workstations that the Belarusian nuclear power plant personnel will have to work with. The hardware will be used to polish all the necessary skills. All kinds of emergencies will be simulated, among other things.”

Recent graduates from nuclear-related programs will take part in re-training programs for specialization and in hands-on work at training centers and plants outside of the country. With this new training center, graduates will be trained in Belarus.