NEI study finds nuclear-education program helps grads find jobs
A recent study by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) indicated that the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program (NUCP) is leading to more graduates finding employment after schooling, the NEI said late last week.

The NUCP is a partnership between the NEI and several two-year colleges and universities that unifies education in six disciplines related to nuclear energy. A survey conducted by the institute said that approximately 83 percent of those who complete an NUCP program have found employment in a nuclear or related technological field.

The survey showed that the numbers of female and minority students have also seen an increase.

“Sustaining high-quality nuclear education programs is a priority for the nuclear energy industry," Elizabeth McAndrew-Benavides, NEI’s senior manager for strategic work-force planning, said. "Universities and community colleges both play a role to ensure that our country has the world-class graduates desired by the nuclear industry."

Despite this, the program has been directed to admit fewer students, as it is partially determined by trends in the national nuclear power industry. The program was downsized in 2014 to account for the closing of nuclear power facilities.

Approximately 2,000 people have completed this program. The institute cites a study from Accenture that said approximately 39 percent of all college and university graduates have found employment.

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