Areva signs agreement with NAC to build, operate nuclear storage facility

Areva recently signed an agreement with NAC International (NAC) to jointly support the licensing, design, construction and operation of the Consolidated Interim Storage Facility (CISF) project in Andrews County, Texas, led by Waste Controls Specialists, LLC (WCS).

The agreement will enable the WCS facility to handle the majority of commercial used nuclear fuel and reactor-related Greater-Than-Class C Low-Level Radioactive waste already in dry storage at U.S. sites that have been shut down or are still operating. 

Mike McMahon, Areva senior vice president and CISF project director, said the company welcomes the opportunity to work with NAC during the licensing phase of the CISF project.

“NAC’s participation complements Areva’s experience and capabilities, further strengthening WCS’ ability to deliver to our nation a solution consistent with the recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future,” McMahon said.

In February, WCS filed a letter of intent with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission to seek a license for the CISF at its 14,000-acre facility in Andrews, Texas. WCS then entered into an agreement for Areva to serve as the exclusive subcontractor to license, construct and operate the CISF.