Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corp. improves work environment

Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant improves work environment
Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant improves work environment | Courtesy of infoplease.com

Officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) recently announced that Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corp. (WCNOC) has adequately remedied the safety concerns in their plant’s work environment.

The plant, located in Burlington, Kansas, was previously notified of two safety culture concerns in a letter from the NRC.

The first concern involved the case of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration's recent pursuit of an issue of discrimination with Enercon, a contractor. Enercon fired a work who questioned how work was carried out at the plant. The NRC raised concerns that this firing might inhibit other workers’ willingness to question safety routines at the plant.

The second concern was about a chilled work environment that was found in the quality assurance group of the plant. The group regularly audits safety-related work, but a chilled work environment described a workplace where employees were hesitant to question safety routines. This hesitation arose from fear of retaliation.

The WCNOC responded to the NRC’s letter by implementing a wide variety of corrective actions. Plant leaders also conducted safety culture surveys to determine the effectiveness of the corrective actions. The surveys demonstrated positive results.

The NRC evaluated the corrective measures, as well as the surveys, and determined that WCNOC has taken adequate actions toward remedying the situation. NRC officials will continue to conduct inspections at WCNOC to guarantee that the plant maintains its new standards.

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