CASEnergy Coalition co-chair to focus on Florida's future in energy

Christine Todd Whitman
Christine Todd Whitman

Clean and Safe Energy Coalition (CASEnergy Coalition) Co-chair Christine Todd Whitman traveled to South Florida to discuss the state’s energy future at a meeting Wednesday with the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

The visit planned to highlight the critical role that nuclear energy plays in Florida’s energy mix.

Florida in home to two nuclear power plants that provide the state with approximately 12 percent of greenhouse-gas- free electricity. In recent years, nuclear energy has become an increasingly desired energy source as the United States makes greater attempts in reducing carbon emissions. In addition to providing 20 percent of American homes with cost-effective electricity, nuclear energy also remains one of the most reliable sources for carbon-free energy production.

In its previous years, CASEnergy Coalition has visited various Florida communities to speak with politicians and residents regarding the value of nuclear energy. In a past visit, Whitman spoke with South Florida's college students on the importance of utilizing nuclear energy.

Stay tuned @CASEnergy as they will be sharing updates from Whitman’s speech at the Miami Chamber.