Transparency Market Research indicates growth in fuel assemblies market

Transparency Market Research has unveiled a report that indicates that the fuel assemblies market can expect to see growth in the future, the University Chronicle announced on Tuesday.

According to the report, the fuel assemblies market is large globally and in several regions including the United States and Europe. The report states that drivers for growth in this market can be attributed to increasing global demand for electricity and increasing consumption as populations continue to rise.

Approximately 45 countries currently do not utilize nuclear power for electricity generation and are looking to begin that process. These include the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Indonesia, Turkey, Poland, Vietnam, Jordan and several others.

The report lists the growing concern over the harmful effects of nuclear radiation, particularly in a nuclear accident or related to nuclear waste products. Another challenge to growth is regulatory bodies of the countries that are currently operating in the nuclear fuel and power markets.

This report segments major geographies and their performance in this area, with three big regions including North America, the Asia Pacific and Europe alongside the remaining nuclear power countries.

Researchers list Areva NP, JSC Moscow Polymetal Plant, Hitatchi Nuclear Energy, GE Energy, Toshiba Corp., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Skoda JS as major companies operating in this segment.