SCE&G outlines progress on Summer Unit 3

The S.C. Electric & Gas Co. (SCE&G) announced Tuesday that significant progress has been made in building Reactor Unit 3 at the Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station in Fairfield County.

Within the same week, the CA04 module was installed and the reactor vessel arrived at the plant. The company said once the module is encased in concrete, the loading of the reactor vessel can be completed.

The plant will include two 1,117-megawatt AP1000 nuclear reactor units. The utility expects that with this addition, its energy generation will be more diversified. The company predicts that its generation output will be 30 percent nuclear, 30 percent natural gas, 30 percent coal and 10 percent split among hydro, solar and other renewable forms of energy.

Approximately 3,500 temporary positions have been facilitated through this construction project and 800 permanent positions will be available at the generating station once the reactors are completed. Unit 2 is expected to be operational in Aug. of 2019 and Unit 3 is expected to be online in May 2020.

SCE&G provides electricity for approximately 692,000 customers and natural gas to approximately 342,000 clients.