Argentina firm orders radiation detectors from US Nuclear Corp.

US Nuclear Corp. said on Monday that it has received a new order for portal/personnel monitors from Nucleoelectrica Argentina S.A., Argentina's state-run nuclear power company.

"Nucleoelectrica Argentina is one of our valued partners in nuclear energy in South America," Robert Goldstein, president, CEO and chairman of US Nuclear Corp., said. "Energy demands in South America, particularly in Argentina, continue to expand, and we recognize them as drivers of growth and opportunity for us to provide premium, high-quality, reliable tritium equipment, monitors and radiation-detection devices. We believe Argentina will continue to be a key growth market for our products as they build out new and advanced nuclear power plants."

The company also said that as of Friday, the agency’s application for Depository Trust Company eligibility was accepted by the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC).

"We are pleased to be approved by DTCC for eligibility, allowing us to be traded, serviced and deposited through DTC's electronic book-entry system,” Goldstein said. “Meeting this standard was an important development for us to become a fully trading, public company, and we thank the efforts of our sponsors."

US Nuclear Corp. is a radiation-detection holding company that specializes in the fabrication of radiation-detection instrumentation. In addition, the company markets a full line of radiation detection and specialized tritium technology for leading industry providers.