Small Modular Reactor Summit set for April in N.C.

International industry experts will host a discussion and workshop on integrating small modular reactors (SMRs) into nuclear co-generation and hybrid energy systems at the Fifth Annual Small Modular Reactor Summit 2015, April 14-15 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The panel has been assembled by David Matthews -- a nuclear energy consultant and former director of new reactor licensing at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), who will also serve as workshop moderator – and Phil Hildebrandt, special adviser to the director at Idaho National Laboratory.

“This kind of session has never taken place before and represents an absolutely unmissable opportunity for any utility development manager,” Nuclear Energy Insider senior industry analyst Kerr Jeferies said. “The integration of SMRs into hybrid energy systems thinking is sure to be a catalyst for the development of all related technologies."

Discussion delegates will be able to evaluate the potential opportunities for SMRs, both light-water reactor (LWR) and non-LWR designs, such as high-temperature gas reactors (HTGR) in energy co-generation applications. Delegates also can explore the economic models available when SMRs are deployed as part of an integrated energy generation system.

Delegates also can learn about the most recent nuclear co-generation technological and environmental developments, with additional strategies for identifying new investment propositions.

Panelists will include Shannon Bragg-Sitton, deputy national technical director at Idaho National Lab; Fred Moore, executive director emeritus at NGNP Alliance Ltd; Kajetan Rozycki, head of the new reactor technologies team at the European Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative (NC2i); and Mike Middleton, strategy manager at the UK Energy Technologies Institute.