Southern Company’s Plant Hatch performs safe nuclear refueling

Edwin I. Hatch Electric Generating Plant operators in Baxley, Georgia, safely took a unit offline Monday in order to perform scheduled refueling, maintenance, testing and upgrades.

Each of Plant Hatch’s units requires new fuel every two years. When one of the plant's units is taken offline, another continues to generate electricity. Before Monday's scheduled maintenance, Unit 2 completed a record 504 days of continuous running.

“Safety is our number one focus," Plant Hatch Vice President David Vineyard said. "I am proud of the preparations we have made… to accomplish this refueling outage safely using our expertise and teamwork."

Southern Nuclear, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, operates six nuclear power units at three plants. Combined, these plants supply more than 4.4 million customers with approximately 20 percent of all energy used in Alabama and Georgia.

In addition to owning electric utilities in four states, Southern runs fiber optics and wireless communications enterprises. Near Waynesboro, Georgia, Southern is constructing two new nuclear units at Plant Vogtle. They are the first nuclear units constructed in the United States in more than 30 years.

Southern Company has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense and others as a top employer for veterans, blacks and Hispanics.