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Uranium developer praises Clean Power Plan's nuclear focus

Azarga Uranium Corp. on Tuesday hailed the significant role of nuclear energy in reduction plans set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan aims to cut carbon emissions by 32 percent in electricity-generating plants by 2030 and also promotes the use of low-carbon sources of energy, including solar, wind, hydroelectric and nuclear. Read More »

NEI: As far as nuclear power, Clinton energy plan lacking

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) released a statement on Tuesday after presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled her energy framework plan.The NEI said nuclear energy needs to play a larger role than that put forward in the plan and that Clinton's vision of “deep decarbonization” for America by 2050 cannot be achieved absent notable contributions from nuclear energy. Read More »

NEI study finds nuclear-education program helps grads find jobs

A recent study by the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) indicated that the Nuclear Uniform Curriculum Program (NUCP) is leading to more graduates finding employment after schooling, the NEI said late last week. The NUCP is a partnership between the NEI and several two-year colleges and universities that unifies education in six disciplines related to nuclear energy. Read More »