Jefferson Institute: Virginia can lead U.S. nuclear-power renaissance

Virginia capable to leading US nuclear renaissance | Courtesy of

The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy recently published a paper that supports the State of Virginia’s capability to lead a nuclear revival in the U.S.

The paper, titled “Virginia Can Lead the Nation’s Nuclear Renaissance,” emphasizes the role of the state’s Center for Energy and Environmental Stewardship.

The paper disagrees with the belief that global warming exists, and that if it does, it debates how much of a role human activity has in climate change. Instead, the paper said U.S. society should be more concerned with what industries can do to help protect the environment while also providing for the country’s economic well-being. To do so, people and companies must consider the current standard of living and the ideal future standard of living.

The paper outlined the three proven sources for energy production: hydro-electric, carbon-based fuels and nuclear power. The researchers argue that “renewable energy” alternatives, such as solar and wind, have not been developed enough to be viable alternatives to carbon-based fuels. The paper said research shows that nuclear power is both efficient and clean.

The paper said Virginia’s experience and abilities in this industry make it crucial for a resurgence of the nation’s nuclear power plants.

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