U.S. announces parameters for Iran’s nuclear program

US joint comprehensive action plan parameters for Iran’s nuclear program | Courtesy of worldatlas.com

The U.S. Department of State recently released additional details about the U.S. parameters for its Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) concerning the nuclear program in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The parameters illustrate the progression that the EU, Iran and P5+1 have made in discussions concerning this issue. There still remain further negotiations about the details of implementing the plan.

Leaders from Iran have agreed to reduce its installed centrifuges by approximately two-thirds. This means that Iran’s centrifuges will be reduced from approximately 19,000 to approximately 6,104. Only 5,060 of the 6,104 will contain enriching uranium for the next 10 years. All of the 6,104 centrifuges are required to be IR-1s, which are the first-generation centrifuges of Iran.

Iranian leaders have also agreed that its current low-enriched uranium (LEU) stockpile of 10,000 kilograms will be reduced to 300 kilograms.

In addition, Iran has agreed that uranium will not be enriched more than 3.67 percent for the next 15 years; all 300 kilograms of low-enriched uranium will be the 3.67 percent LEU for the next 15 years.

Iran has promised not to build any additional uranium-enriching facilities for the next 15 years.

These plans, recently agreed upon during a meeting in Switzerland, create the foundation for the JCPOA that will be composed between April and June 2015.

Further details can be found on the main website of the U.S. Department of State.