NRC proposes fine for Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant

NRC proposes monetary penalty for Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant | Courtesy of

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) recently announced its proposed civil fine of $17,500 for the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant violating security during its routine agency security inspections.

NRC inspectors observed the security requirements that are in place at the plant, which is permanently shut down, between June and December. They also reviewed plant documents.

Once inspectors identified the problem, they implemented corrective measures that adequately addressed the violations before they left the Kewaunee site.

The proposed penalty is meant to emphasize the importance of security at nuclear power plants and demonstrates the importance of immediately identifying any security violations. Further details about the violations have not been made public.

A copy of the enforcement action document is scheduled to be posted on the NRC’s Public Document System, which is available through the NRC website.