New resident inspector named at Missouri nuclear plant

Mike Langelier has been named a resident inspector at the Callaway nuclear plant near Fulton, Missouri. | Contributed photo

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) officials in Arlington, Texas, said last week that Mike Langelier has been named as a resident inspector at the Callaway nuclear plant near Fulton, Missouri.

Langelier, who joined the Region IV office back in February of last year, will work with the plant's other senior resident inspector, Tom Hartman. Each U.S. commercial nuclear power plant site has at least two NRC Resident Inspectors due to the overall vast quantity of plant overseeing operations. Resident inspectors conduct vital inspections, manage collaborative projects and act as spokespeople for the plant.

Prior to joining the NRC, Langelier served as a nuclear operator for the U.S. Navy while spending much of his assignment aboard two naval submarines. His achievements in the Armed Forces junctured well into his formal education as he earned his bachelor's in chemical engineering at the University of Maine. After completing his academics with UMaine, Langlier utilized his skills with a small environmental engineering firm before transferring to Georgia Pacific, an American pulp and paper company.

“Mike Langelier’s technical expertise will assist the NRC in carrying out its mission to protect people and the environment by ensuring the safe operation of the Callaway plant,” NRC Region IV Administrator Marc Dapas said.

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